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About Us

Secondhand Stories is a registered non-profit online used book shop based out of Lombardy, Ontario (south-west of Ottawa). It is founded and run by passionate animal advocate Liz Wheeler, and her partner Craig. We accept donations of gently used books from the community and resell them on our website. All profits from books sold have been donated to local farm animal rescue The Sweet Sanctuary, and since being established in November 2020 Secondhand Stories has donated over $25,000 for the animals. It is a passion project that aims to bring the reading and animal loving community together to make a positive impact.

The Transformation

After supporting The Sweet Sanctuary for many years, and being inspired by them, we have finally followed our dreams and purchased a rural home with 28 acres to start our own microsanctuary. Since moving we have rescued 7 hens and 2 roosters. We have updated our non-profit designation to reflect our transformation to a farm animal rescue. We will continue to resell books to raise funds for the animals. Our love for The Sweet Sanctuary remains, and we have discussed a gradual transition of donations from one sanctuary to another to ensure both are uplifted and supported. 


Secondhand Stories mission is to provide a loving forever home to 

abandoned, abused, and neglected farmed animals.

Our vision is to offer life-long sanctuary where our rescued farmed animals can: 

  • live out their natural lives in peace

  • be free from exploitation and suffering

  • have fulfilled and enriched experiences while in our care


The Project

Upon moving to our new property we inherited two dilapidated coops and seven hens who were left behind. While we immediately implemented temporary measures to ensure the chickens’ safety, the structures have many flaws beyond repair and are not built to sustain Canadian winters. This fall we are focused on building two new chicken coops so not only can we  be winter ready, but also have much needed proper isolation quarters. 


We have received support for many aspects of this project already including: a donation of shingles for the roof of the shed;  pro bono labour and parts for electric installation to the coops; and commitment for skilled labour in building the coops. We will re-use as much material as possible from the existing coops, such as the chicken wire for predator-proofing the sheds and cedar posts for the runs.

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The Future & Our Impact

We are just starting our journey and with your support as a founding donor,

we can save animals together. Rolo and Hershey, two roosters we adopted from the Montreal SPCA after they were surrendered simply for not being egg-laying, joined us at only five months old. We will provide life-long sanctuary for these animals, and many others who will eventually come to call Secondhand Stories home. This may not be their first home, and you could even consider them “secondhand” like the books we sell, but this will be their last home; the one they retire at and spend happily ever after in. Let’s create a new story for them.


Questions? Email me at liz@secondhandstories.ca