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Hey! We love animals.

Secondhand Stories is registered non-profit microsanctuary and online used-book shop based in Lombardy (servicing Ottawa, ON). Our mission is to provide a loving forever home to abandoned, abused, and neglected farmed animals.

We accept donations of gently used books and post them for sale here, always for only FIVE ($5) dollars each! Since being established in November 2020 Secondhand Stories has raised over $25,000 for farm animal rescue.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to offer life-long sanctuary where our rescued farmed animals can:

  • live out their natural lives in peace

  • be free from exploitation and suffering

  • have fulfilled and enriched experiences while living at the sanctuary

Our Roots


Secondhand Stories started as a fundraising initiative for our friends at The Sweet Sanctuary. After supporting The Sweet Sanctuary for many years, and being inspired by them, we have finally followed our dreams and purchased a rural home with 28 acres to start our own microsanctuary. Since moving we have rescued 7 hens and 2 roosters. We have updated our non-profit designation to reflect our transformation to a farm animal rescue. We will continue to resell books to raise funds for the animals. Our love for The Sweet Sanctuary remains, and we have discussed a gradual transition of donations from one sanctuary to another to ensure both are uplifted and supported. .

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Ottawa 'Insta book shop' providing lifeline for Mississippi Mills animal sanctuary


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