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Volunteer With Us

Secondhand Stories is run by partners Liz & Craig Wheeler, has no paid staff, and is 100% volunteer-run. 

2024 is the first year we are hosting volunteer roles on the sanctuary grounds. This is an amazing opportunity to connect with chickens IRL, so read below to find your perfect role!


Clean Up Crew

The most hands-on and direct work with our sanctuary is done though helping to ensure our chickens’ coops are clean and tidy! These chores might not be glamorous, but you’ll be sure to win over the hearts of our flock with your dedication. Tasks include:

  • Scooping out pine shavings and replacing with clean bedding.

  • Cleaning feed and water bowls.

  • Dusting and vacuuming crevices.

  • Wiping down walls.

  • And, of course, offering special treats to the chickens!

Veggie Garden Crew

We have a beautiful, expansive veggie garden that we haven’t been able to utilize. We’re looking for a team of dedicated volunteers who will get this garden in tip-top shape so that we can grow lettuce, kale and other treats for the chickens.

  • Tilling/installing of landscape fabric

  • Planning the layout of the garden beds

  • Planting seeds / seedlings

  • Maintaining garden via weeding, watering, etc.

  • Best of all, treat the chickens to the fruits of your labour!


Event Crew

Are you passionate about Secondhand Stories' mission? Do you want to help us reach new audiences? Some tasks you could help us with are: 

  • Creating a list of potential events for Secondhand Stories to attend, such as community events, festivals, markets and more;

  • Contacting event hosts to inquire about non-profit discounts;

  • Create a list of conferences and online events for possible speaking opportunities;

  • Assisting at our 2024 Open House at the books table or one of the chicken coop stations.

Founding Board

As we continue to grow, we are building a founding board of directors. We're seeking resourceful leaders with the skills and energy to help guide the future of Secondhand Stories. It is our goal to become a registered charity. Visit our blog to learn more about this unique opportunity.

Image by Austin Chan

Workplace Volunteering

Want to book a private volunteer day for your workplace? Send us an email at

Please complete the google form application below!

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