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We want to save chickens.
Here's how you can help.

Chickens are incredibly intelligent, curious, and friendly individuals. We believe they don't need to be used in the way they are. Below are some facts that highlight why chickens need your help,  and then we expand what you can do.

Facts about Chickens in Canada:

  • Over 748 MILLION "meat" chickens and over 25 MILLION egg-laying hens were killed in 2021 alone. This doesn't include animals who died on farms or during transport.

  • Over 12 MILLION chicks were killed at chicken hatcheries in 2021.

  • The average egg farm in Canada houses 23,000 hens.

  • 83% of hens raised in Canadian egg farms still spend their entire lives in wire cages. 

  • Canadian farms are regulated by the National Farm Animal Care Council voluntary guidelines (not enforceable by law). Within their guidelines it is perfectly acceptable to:

    • Cut off chickens’ sensitive beaks without anesthetic, as long as they are 10 days or younger.

    • "Depopulate" or kill birds via ​blunt force trauma to the head, snapping their necks or C02 gassing

    • Maceration (grinding up) of LIVE chicks under 72 hours of age.

    • Allow chickens to be transported (usually for slaughter) for up to 36 hours with no minimum feed, water and rest time

But you can help them. Try these actions:

  • Substitute eggs in your baking with alternatives such as flax egg (1 tbsp flax powder + 2 tbsp water),  applesauce, banana or a store-bought replacement (such as Bob's Red Mill Egg Replacer).

  • Remove chicken in your diet with nutritious alternatives such as tofu or seitan. Not sure where to start? Check out our Pintrest for recipe ideas.

  • Request humane education in your children's classrooms such as the Chick It Out App


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