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Secondhand Stories is a registered non-profit online used book shop based out of Rideau Lakes, Ontario (south-west of Ottawa). Nestled in a forest of 28 acres, we have rescued 10 hens & 7 roosters and sell books to raise funds for the animals. 

Secondhand Stories mission is to provide a loving forever home to abandoned, abused, and neglected farmed animals.


With your support we can save animals together. We will provide life-long sanctuary for these animals, and many others who will eventually come to call Secondhand Stories home. This may not be their first home, and you could even consider them “secondhand” like the books we sell, but this will be their last home; the one they retire at and spend happily ever after in. Let’s create a new story for them.

Other Ways to Donate


Shop our Wishlist

Amazon Wishlist

Ritchie Feed N' Seed Gift Card
for Oyster Shell 50lb ($23.99 + tax)

Bakers Feed & Seed Gift Card

for Gold'N Layena Pellets ($24.20 + tax)

for Gold'N Grower Pellets ($21.90 + tax)

for Top Bedding Pine Shavings ($7.50 + tax)

* To make a purchase from Bakers you can call 613-272-2545 and ask to leave a credit on the account for Liz Wheeler 613-501-2980

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Donate Your Books

Secondhand Stories used book shop operates on the generous donations of books from individuals and organizations in the community. It is with the generous support of book donations that we can fundraise for our animals.

For donations we have a few restrictions, which allows us to focus on the most likely to be sold books. We're unable to accept cookbooks, textbooks, other languages, travel books, or books from smoking homes.

We have two drop off locations: Kanata and Orleans. We can also pick up book donations.

To arrange a drop off or pick up of books please email us at

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