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So here’s the story. We’ve been asked by another microsanctuary to take on their chickens whom they heartbreakingly must surrender - but we can only say yes with your support.

These chickens have been so loved. Most of them have known sanctuary most of their lives. An incredible rescuer provided them shelter, care, and anything they could have ever needed. But sadly, as we know, life happens. Things happen that are outside of our control. Some circumstances cannot be changed, despite our best efforts. We are deeply honoured that the level of care we provide to our chickens is known to be such a high level that we have been considered for this rescuers’ contingency plan.

We have tentatively said yes to taking on this sanctuaries chickens IF we can garner enough support to purchase the infrastructure needed to house them.

What are we doing? We purchased a used coop for $1000, run materials for an additional $1000, and are working with an amish shed company that is giving us an INCREDIBLE discount of nearly 50% off on two 6x8 coops for $3800. Rescuing chickens isn’t cheap.

Now, I know we’ve asked a lot lately. It seems like a never-ending stream of requests. That’s rescue life. Here are 4 ways you can help:

Despite how much we wish we could, Craig and I cannot finance this alone. We need your help. A donation of any amount brings us closer to our goal in making our dream of providing these 12 chickens a second chance at sanctuary. Click the donate header above to make a gift!

Where do you work? Do they have a community giving program? Download this PDF to submit to your employer to recommend they include Secondhand Stories in their giving strategy!

Want to help but can't contribute financially or make that connection? There are two super easy (and free!) things you can do. 1) Share this blog with someone you know who might be in a position to give. 2) Share this post on Instagram or Facebook

We're having a volunteer day on Sunday, September 3rd to install the coop runs for our new additions. All tools will be provided, we just need some extra hands on deck to help us dig in the chicken wire and staple it to the existing structures! Email us back if you're interested in helping!

And, if you've read this far just know how much it means to us. We truly appreciate you.

With eternal gratitude, Liz & Craig Secondhand Stories Founders


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