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Ellie's Place

Ellie joined our family at only four months old. He was surrendered as a blind hen (surprise, he was a rooster!) because his flock mates had been picking on him.

Over the past year, we’ve seen his personality blossom. We’ve learned his favourite things include stretching out in the hammock with us, listening to classical piano covers of Taylor Swift, and being whispered to (he purrs a trill-ing kind of chicken coo when we tell him he’s just a little baby). But one thing he doesn’t like is other chickens. Despite multiple slow introductions over the past year, he easily startles around other chickens and always tries to run away. He currently lives in a solo loft in Rolo & Hershey’s coop.

We believe Ellie deserves a special place in this world, so we’ve planned to move him from his loft into the house! He adores human cuddles and spending afternoons with us on the couch, and we’re confident this will provide him with the best life we can offer him so that he is happy and has companionship. This requires an investment in making our indoor space more habitable, and we plan to build a twin-size bed coop! We need $472.28 to make this happen for Ellie.

It takes a village. Donations can be made by purchasing the items we need directly from our Amazon Wishlist, donating on our website, or sending an e-transfer to We want you to know how much we appreciate your support. All donors who contribute to Ellie’s Place will receive the following bonuses:


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