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Microsanctuary Operations

What does it take to rescue chickens? It's a question we get often and it's the hardest to answer. The shortest version would go something like "Everything. It takes everything, plus some. It's like being responsible for 10 toddlers at once, but ones who can't speak your language." The longest version is our operations manual.

Having worked in non-profit fundraising for over 8 years, I know the importance of transparency in building trusting relationships with supporters. That's why we're releasing our microsanctuary operations manual for everyone to see.

This 22 page document serves as a go-to for the best practices & procedures, standards of care, checklists, and protocols. It also features a section on the ethics of our non-profit and our contingency/succession plan.

In this blog, we'll share the link (below), but I wanted to highlight one section as a preview of what you'll see. Our Disaster & Emergency Plan & Procedures. Planning ahead for worst-case scenarios is something new non-profits rarely have in mind, but having seen many unexpected disasters and tragedies in news stories, I knew I wanted to ensure we could have the peace of mind knowing we were prepared. We included a map with a listing of all emergency supplies, a list of emergency contacts and detailed plans for each emergency situation. More than that, we did all the behind-the-scenes preparation details like taking FireSmart101 wildfire safety training, purchasing emergency kit supplies, and making an agreement with fellow sanctuary friends to ensure we had a temporary housing option for the chickens if ever needed.

We are incredibly proud to release the operations manual for you all to read. I hope you will enjoy this glimpse into sanctuary life and thank you for all of your support.

You can read Secondhand Stories Operations Manual here! *Updated January 1, 2024

Note: Some linked documents within the manual may not be accessible to the public to maintain the privacy of third party contacts such as the executor of our estate, volunteer and emergency temporary housing contacts.


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