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Come spend an hour with the chickens of Secondhand Stories Sanctuary. All tours are guided by Liz, the sanctuary's founder, and include a walk of the sanctuary property, stories of the residents, and interesting chicken facts. There will also be time to spend in the extended outdoor chicken runs, sharing lettuce, blueberries, and seeds with the hens.


Our tours are interactive, and you will get to meet the chickens. Many of our chickens enjoy human company and will gladly eat snacks out of your hands. However, we never force our residents to interact with visitors. For their comfort, we ask that you do not chase, pick up, or hold onto a chicken that does not reciprocate interaction.


If you feel inspired and can donate following your tour, we would love your support,
but Secondhand Stories welcomes visitors regardless of their ability to donate financially!


Preparing for a Tour

  • If you want to bring them some treats, here is what they love to munch on: apples, carrots, bananas, corn, lettuce and grapes. 

  • For the safety of our chickens, companion animals are asked to stay at home.

  • When you arrive at the Sanctuary for the safety of our residents, we will ask you to wash their hands before entering and leaving use a shoe bath before entering the Sanctuary grounds.

  • For visitors who live or work on a farm, or who have recently had contact with other farmed animals, please inform us! To help us reduce the risk of disease transmission we will have special instructions to keep our flock safe. It is important for you to wear different clothing and different footwear than you wore when you had contact with other farmed animals since diseases, especially in the soil (often found on clothing and footwear) can affect people and animals. ​​

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